Help Fight Anti-Israel Delegitimization 
The New Israel Fund is the largest umbrella organization of radical Israeli NGOs that delegitimize Israel and the IDF.

Watch the testimonies below then sign the petition and demand that the NIF cease all of its anti-Israel activity.
Watch the Testimonies
Bereaved Father
Druze Leader
Resident of Gaza Periphery
Bereaved Parents
Wounded IDF Veteran
Sign the petition that will be sent to the CEO of the NIF, Daniel Sokatch

Dear Mr. Sokatch, 
The New Israel Fund is the largest umbrella organization of anti-Zionist Israeli propaganda organizations that operate against Israel and the IDF.
From defending terrorists in court to falsely accusing IDF soldiers of perpetrating war crimes, the NIF funds dozens of anti-Zionist organizations that seek to uproot the very character of the Jewish state and harm Israel's ability to defend herself.
We are calling on you to immediately cease this anti-Israel activity. The State of Israel deserves better.
The Undersigned:
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We don't have the backing of the New Israel Fund or European governments. But we have you.
Join us in protecting Zionism in Israel!

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